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Western Equestrian Shines in November Meet

Western Equestrian Shines in November Meet

The Alfred State Western Equestrian team finished as the High Point team in both the AM and PM shows at Alfred University on Saturday. Senior Alyssa Beardsley (Letchworth) was the reserve high point rider in both shows while Brianna Lasecki (Newark) and Morgan Maas (Churchville Chili) qualified for Regionals.

Beardsley was 1st in both the AM and PM in Reining and was 2nd in both shows in open horsemanship. Lasecki won her ride at Rookie B to qualify for Regionals in that classification and then rode in the Level 1 competition in the PM show while Maas finished 3rd in Rookie B in the PM show to qualify for Regionals in that class.

In the AM show, Leeanna Bianchi (Hilton) won in Level 2 while Mairead Aripotch (Montauch), Joseph Canna (Starpoint), Sydnee Ganoung (Allegany Limestone), Ashley Herbert (Spencerport), and Paige Skinner (Campbell Savona) all earned 2nd place finishes.

In the PM show, Jennifer Cirigliano (Brewster) won in Rookie A, Jinean Erickson (Holden, MA) won in Beginner, Ganoung won in Beginner, Arianna Gordon (Genesee Valley) won in Rookie B, Herbert won in Rookie B, and Skinner won in Level 1. Airpotch, Bianchi, Canna, and Daphne Garcia (Lincoln) finished 2nd.

The Pioneers are next in action on December 7th at another show at Alfred University.

Overall Results (Name: Class - AM Show/PM Show)

Mairead Aripotch: Rookie A  - 2nd/2nd

Alyssa Beardsley: Open HMS - 2nd/2nd     

Alyssa Beardsley: Reining - 1st/1st

Leeanna Bianchi: Level 2 - 1st/2nd

Joseph Canna: Rookie B - 2nd/2nd

Jennifer Cirigliano: Rookie A - 4th/1st

Megan Delianne: Rookie A - 4th/4th

Jinean Erickson: Beginner - 5th/1st

Sydnee Ganoung: Beginner - 2nd/1st

Daphne Garcia: Beginner - /2nd

Arianna Gordon: Rookie B - 4th/1st

Ashley Herbert: Rookie A  - 2nd/1st

Emily Kearon: Rookie B  - 5th/3rd

Brianna Lasecki: Rookie B  - 1st */Level 1 6th

Morgan Maas: Rookie B - 5th/3rd

Paige Skinner: Level 1 - 2nd/1st