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Another Strong Performance by Western Equesterian

Another Strong Performance by Western Equesterian

The Alfred State western equestrian team had another strong performance as they rode to reserve hi-point honors in both the AM and PM shows on Saturday at Alfred University. The Pioneers competed vs. AU, Cornell, RIT, and Brockport in the show.

Rachel von Hagn (Bath) was earned reserve hi-point honors in the AM show while Alyssa Beardsley (Letchworth) took the same honor in the PM show. von Hagn was 2nd in open horsemanship in both the AM and PM shows while Beardsley was 2nd in open reining and finished 3rd in both open horsemanship shows.

Mackenzie Caletka (Vestal) and Meaghan Castoro (Syosset) both finished 1st in both the AM and PM show in the intermediate II competition. Michael Henry (Youngsville) was 2nd in both shows in the beginner competition. Jennifer Cirigliano (Brewster) was 2nd in the AM show in beginner competition, Caylen Bedow (Fillmore) was 2nd in advanced in the PM, and Morgan Maas (Churchville Chili) was 2nd in the PM show in intermediate I.

The Pioneers are back in action on December 1st back at Alfred University.

Athlete: Division - AM show/PM show

Alyssa Beardsley: Open Reining - /2nd

Alyssa Beardsley: Open HMS - 3rd/3rd

Caylen Bedow: Advanced HMS - 6th/2nd

Jessica Bongard: Novice HMS - 6th/6th

Mackenzie Caletka: Inter. 2 HMS - 1st/1st

Meaghan CastoroInter. 2 HMS - 1st/1st

Jennifer Cirigliano: Beginner HMS - 2nd/4th

Kathleen Crandon: Inter. 2 HMS - 4th/5th

Megan Delianne: Beginner HMS - 4th/4th

Jamie Fredenburg: Novice HMS - 5th/4th

Michael HenryBeginner HMS - 2nd/2nd

Amber Laibe: Novice HMS - 5th/6th

Brianna LaseckiInter. 1 HMS - 3rd/5th

Morgan MaasInter. 1 HMS - 6th/2nd

Sarrah Matla: Inter. 2 HMS - 4th/

Rachel von Hagn: Open HMS - 2nd/2nd