Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Tthe Alfred State Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to provide a means of communication between Alfred State student-athletes and the athletics administration.  This collaboration will enhance the total student-athlete experience and protect the health and well-being of all student-athletes.

SAAC By-Laws

Current Members as of 12/2014

Ryan Amidon Lacrosse
Jared Bard Men's Basketball
Brianna Byrnes Track & Field/Cross Country
Eryn Cochran Women's Swimming
Helena Covington Women's Basketball
Christy Dodd Civic Engagement Liaison
Alexis Flint Women's Soccer
Dominic Freudenvoll Track & Field/Cross Country
Grace Hall Volleyball
Kelly Healy Cross Country/Track & Field
Ryan Hierlwimmer Baseball
Dayonna Holmes Track & Field/Cross Country
Tommy Hutson Men's Basketball
Daniella Isabella Softball
Tom Lattanzi Cross Country/Track & Field
Dylan Lewis-Ellison Baseball
Derek Liner Football
Chris Lynch Lacrosse
Aubri Mosier Softball
Nick Peraino Men's Soccer
Kay Pfleghardt Volleyball
Tim Seitzinger Men's Swimming
Madison Szpaicher Volleyball
Brandon Teboe Track & Field
Lindsey Thiel Cross Country/Track & Field
Jen Vazquez Women's Swimming
Haley Vosburg Women's Soccer
Zach Woodard Track & Field
Michael Yacuzzo Men's Soccer