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Marquis Chatman: Men's Basketball

Marquis Chatman: Men's Basketball

Marquis Chatman (Allen, TX) had a stellar week of shooting in the Pioneers final two games.

In a 75-73 loss heartbreaking loss to Genesee CC, Chatman led the Pioneers with 21 points. All 21 of his points came from his beyond the three-point line. He also added four boards and a steal.

In the Pioneers 75-59 victory over Jamestown, Chatman connected on seven more 3-pointers and led the team with 25 points. He was 9 for 20 from the field and 7 for 17 from three. He also grabbed 10 rebounds and a steal.

On the season, Chatman connected on 81, 3-pointers and had 322 points on the season.