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Winter weather not slowing construction work at Alfred State

Work continues on the new locker room project at Pioneer Stadium

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It may be the postal carriers who are known for promising that their work won't stop at the whim of the weather, but construction workers at Alfred State's Pioneer Stadium are giving the postal service some competition. As temperatures drop below freezing and strong winds blow snow their way, those building a new set of locker rooms keep on working.

"Neither snow nor rain nor howl of winds will stop our fearless workers' trowels on their appointed rounds," exclaimed President Dr. Skip Sullivan. "No, seriously, it's amazing how this crew keeps things rolling even after the season when it's easy to lay block and mortar."

Once football season ended, construction moved into high gear, but that doesn't give much of a window for enjoying ideal weather for masonry work. The solution is a giant tent that creates a stable environment for both temperature and humidity to get the job done.

"We can't wait to see this 3,000-plus square-foot facility in action for our athletes," stated Sullivan. "Previously, both our team and the visitors had to trek to the Orvis Activities Center for locker rooms. Now, the locker rooms are only a few steps away from the field and it will include a training room also to assist our athletes."

In addition, students are constructing new press boxes for the softball and baseball fields nearby. All of these additions to athletic facilities will be finished this summer.

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