Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Tthe Alfred State Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to provide a means of communication between Alfred State student-athletes and the athletics administration.  This collaboration will enhance the total student-athlete experience and protect the health and well-being of all student-athletes.

SAAC By-Laws

Current Members as of 12/5/2012

Kerri Bellavia Women's Soccer
Kalem Chambliss Swimming
Helena Covington Women's Basketball
Rawle Crawford Track & Field
Emily English Women's Soccer
Shelby Freleigh Softball
Jordan Friedman Track & Field
Travis Harvey Wrestling
Brittany Hill Volleyball
Robert Howard Football
Tommy Hutson Men's Basketball
Greg Koller Baseball
Chris Lynch Lacrosse
Eric Mehaffy Baseball
Mark Pendleton Swimming
Nick Peraino Men's Soccer
Kay Pfleghardt Volleyball
Austin Ridley Track & Field
Morris Rogers Lacrosse
Sally Santiago Women's Basketball
Josh Simons Wrestling
Michael Yacuzzo Men's Soccer