Pioneer Faces - Orvis the Pioneer

Pioneer Faces - Orvis the Pioneer

Pioneer Faces will be a feature on periodically that introduces athletes, alumni, and fans to the different faces of the Alfred State athletic department.

Orvis the Pioneer was introduced to the college community during Homecoming 2012.  He is an active part of the college community appearing at athletic, admissions, and various different civic engagement events.

Orvis was named after a true Pioneer at Alfred State, Mr. Paul Orvis.  Mr. Orvis came to Alfred State as a student and then served as a faculty member, a dean, and finally as the college's president.

Born in downtown Toronto, Orvis crossed Lake Ontario on a ferry with his covered wagon and animals.  He then took all the backroads to Alfred where he lives in the hills above the cross country course.

Quick Hits:

Favorite Foods?: Anything cooked on a campfire (Smores, Hot Dogs, & Baked Beans)

Favorite TV or Movie Animal?: Blue Ox from Paul Bunyan

Favorite things to do when not cheering on the Pioneers?: Ride the open range on my covered wagon, hunt, take care of my oxen and other animals.

Best part of being the college's mascot?: Getting my picture taken & giving High 4's

Favorite part of campus?: I love wandering the cross country course

Favorite place to eat on campus?: The concession stand at Pioneer Stadium is great - just wish they would cook the hot dogs over an open fire.